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Australian National University (ANU) is one of Australia’s most prestigious universities, with campuses in Canberra and Melbourne. Founded in 1911 as the Australian National University College of Science and Technology, ANU now comprises more than 30 schools and colleges, including the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

ANU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as specialist research programs. The university attracts students from across Australia and the world, with more than 34,000 students enrolled in 2019.

Academic Strengths

Australian National University is home to world-renowned research institutions such as the National Centre for Antarctic Research (NCAR) and the Australian National University School of Physics and Engineering. The university also has a strong focus on undergraduate teaching, with over 95% of its students receiving a tertiary degree within four years.

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Just a few of the many popular ANU courses include economics, law, politics, history, geography, philosophy and social sciences. If you’re interested in taking one of these courses, be sure to check out our course listings and start planning your degree today.

University Location and Campus

ANU is known for its strong community engagement and support. The university boasts over 120 active student clubs and societies, as well as a vibrant cultural life. ANU’s libraries house one of the largest collections of books in Australia, and the campus is home to several world-class sporting facilities.

The Australian National University (ANU) is one of the largest universities in Australia and one of the world’s leading research universities. Located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, ANU has a population of over 45,000 students and staff. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as a range of services such as research facilities, libraries, student support services and international links.

International Student Support

Australian National University International Student Support offers students with a range of services to help them adjust to their new life in Australia. This includes finding accommodation, connecting with friends and family, settling into university life, and accessing support for practical matters such as studying and finances. There is also a range of resources available including information sheets, chat rooms, email lists and web forums.

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