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Founded in 1848, Eureka College is a private liberal arts college located in Eureka, Illinois. It is the only college in the world still affiliated with U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, who attended it from 1854–1856. Today, Eureka College offers more than 30 majors and concentrations to its students across key academic areas such as Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. With a focus on creativity and discovery through learning, Eureka College’s educational philosophy has drawn students from all over the world.

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Eureka College is known for its strong liberal arts curriculum. The college offers a variety of courses for students to choose from. Some of the courses offered include: English, math, science, history, and social studies. Each course is designed to help students learn about a specific subject and prepare them for college-level work.
The average class size is just 15 students, so professors really get to know their students. And the student-faculty ratio is an impressive 11:1.


Eureka College is located in Eureka, Illinois, a small town about 100 miles southwest of Chicago. The college was founded in 1855 and is affiliated with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The campus is situated on a picturesque 40-acre site overlooking Lake Eureka.

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To be eligible to apply, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. You will also need to submit your transcripts and a completed application form. There is no minimum GPA required for admission, but your transcripts will be reviewed as part of the application process.


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Around $27,450
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