The University of Auckland (Study Group)

The University of Auckland is one of New Zealand’s leading universities, with campuses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. With over 34,000 students and over 9000 staff, the University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Academic Strengths

The University of Auckland is internationally renowned for its quality teaching and research. It has a strong focus on undergraduate education, with over half of all students studying in the arts and humanities. The university also offers a wide range of postgraduate programmes.

The University of Auckland has strong ties with industry and business, with many alumni working in leading companies across New Zealand and overseas. The university also has a strong research base, with publications in respected journals.

university courses offered

The University of Auckland offers a variety of top courses that can help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge in a specific area or gain skills that will set you apart from other students, the university has a course to fit your needs.

Take a look at some of the top courses available at the University of Auckland:

Business Administration and Marketing
Computer Science
Humanities and Social Sciences

University Location and Campus

The University of Auckland (UOA) is located in New Zealand’s most vibrant city, Auckland. With over 43,000 students, UOA is one of New Zealand’s largest universities and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. UOA has a strong research focus and consistently ranks among the country’s top universities in terms of research funding. The university has a wealth of both contemporary and historic buildings on its campus, making it an interesting place to explore.

International Student Support

As a student at the University of Auckland, you may be exploring all the different areas on campus. Therefore, they provide students with advice to make your transition to Auckland life as smooth as possible. From finding accommodation to getting the most out of your semester, the university has everything covered to help you setting in.

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