Virtual University Fairs

Owing to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the nature of education fairs is having to evolve for the forseeable future. Despite the success of our physical fairs, we are left with no option but to adapt to, and overcome, the current circumstances. We are confident in our ability to do so. We have been leading and innovating the education fair sector in the MENA region for the past decade, and we hope this will just be the next step in that process.

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The (forseeable) future is digital

A sentiment which, given the current coronavirus situation, rings truer than usual. Luckily this is something that we have been working towards for a long time. We are undoubtedly the industry leaders when it comes to digital marketing, something which will make the transition to virtual fairs incredibly easy for us. Over recent years we have developed our own in-house digital marketing and creative team, who have massively increased our social presence, and further increased our dominance of digital lead generation in the MENA region. This is a valuable asset that we can use to drive the success of our virtual fairs, and something that makes us unique in comparison to other agencies trying similar techniques. 

Why choose a digital fair?

  • Further Geographical Reach - There is no doubting that physical events face geographical limits. Students who do not live near the event location are not able to attend. However, with virtual fairs, this isn't an issue. This will greatly increase attendance.
  • Record Keeping - We understand that speaking to hundreds of students per day can be overwhelming. Names and phone numbers can be recorded incorrectly, leading to missed leads. This isn't an issue with virtual fairs. You will be given a detailed list of every student you speak to, removing any risk of losing leads.
  • Intuative chat features - Tired of having the same conversation with hundreds of leads about X or Y subject? Create a seperate chat room or live webinar for your most popular subjects and speak to hundreds of students at once to answer all of their questions

The statistics don't lie

The Cornell University Graduate Fair

Hosting a physical Resource Fair offered limited value restricted to locally admitted students; students from other cities, states or international countries were unable to attend without incurring expensive travel costs.

• Total registrations exceeded 550+ admitted students.
• Total booth visits at the event crossed 2100 hits. 
• 1600+ cumulative unique booth visits indicated fruitful information distribution by the host.

Royal Holloway Virtual Open Day

RHUL’s Virtual Open Day was an affordable alternative that cut down their costs, provided global reach, and kept up with visitor preferences of using online research to choose their future university. Within the two-hour online event, 111 users participated, with booths such as accommodation and admission generating almost 100 visits each.

Dubai International Academic City Education Fair

• Total Registrations: 900+
• Total Number of Booth Visits: 6,300+
• Total Number of Unique Booth Visit: 5,300+

Why Choose Our Virtual Fairs?

A Decade Of Experience

We have been hosting education fairs in the MENA region for close to a decade. We were one of the first to do so, and in this time we have learnt a lot. You can be safe in the knowledge that we know what we're doing.

Industry Leading Digital Marketing

With 1.5 million followers and 1.5 million likes on our Facebook page, and over 70,000 followers on our Instagram page, we have huge social clout. We also have our own in-house digital marketing and creative team, and over 170,000 followers on our Twitter page.


If you are interested in attending our Digital Fairs then please get in contact with anyone at Global Study UK. You can find the dates for all of our fairs here. Alternatively you can call us on the number below, or send us an email to or We look forward to hearing from you!